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Flannel Shirt For Men: Best idea for this Fall 2017

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The fall 2017 is almost there and men are worried about the good dress ideas so why don't you try the Flannel Shirt in this Fall.  We are here to guide you about the Flannel Shirt, its colors, its styling and everything etc.
If you love a casual look with some stylish touch and you also want to remain comfortable in home, office or outside. You want a shirt which can give you a chance to wear in at any occasion easily then leave everything and buy some good stock of Flannel shirts for men.
The flannel fabric has a comeback in 2017 with more comfort and style for men. If you will try it once you will forget any fabric.

Color ideas for Flannel Shirt

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This season the Flannel has come with a lot of amazing colors. Every man can choose the color of his own choice from light to dark and simple to colorful. The new flannel fabric is softer and also come in a different pattern as well. The famous color ideas for the flannel shirts for men are as under.

1. Red and Black Flannel Shirt

Red and black flannel shirt gives the most classic look in the fall season.

2. Green Flannel Shirt

The green flannel shirt is the best idea for growing one and keep styling .

3. Black Flannel Shirt

A black flannel shirt is a perfect symbol for a classy look in the fall season.

4. Grey Flannel Shirt

Grey gives a variety to your wardrobe while making it decent. Wear it confidently at casual and formal situations.

5. White Flannel Shirt

White suits with every pant and goes with all fabrics. It gives you a brighter look in the sunlight.

6. Brown Shirt

The Brown flannel is the true color of autumn so don't miss it this fall.

Are women attracted to the Flannel Fabric and why?

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Women are attracted to the men who deal her softly now and obviously she likes the soft fabric on men. Surprisingly some latest studies have shown that the women love the men in flaneel shirts for many reasons.
  1. It looks casual 
  2. It seems cozy 
  3. Flannel is stimulating 
  4. It looks younger 
  5. It is stylish 
  6. It creates fun 
  7. The patterns and colors make the life colorful 
  8. Many women are attracted to see the flannel shirts
  9. Women like to give the flannel fabric shirts to their boyfriends or husbands.
  10. Men become more desirable for women in the flannel fabric and patterns. 
  11. She thinks that the men in Flannel are more approachable. 
  12. She builds a chemical bond with the men in a flannel fabric shirt.
So it means men should have some good stock of flannel shirts in their wardrobes

Final verdict:

The light weight Flannels are ideal dress to wear with comfort. It suits with jeans, dress pants, camel coats, leather jackets, a vest etc. The choice is yours the ideas are there for you. Try the different colors and patterns of these flannel shorts this fall to look attractive.

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